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Nationality: French
Living in: Tarifa, Spain
Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, German
Date of birth: 09/12/1979

Main results in my career as a kitesurfing pro rider:

World Speed Champion 2006
World record in 2005 in Namibia with 35,20 knots
Vice-world champion 2006 in the waves and speed crossing categories in the KPWT Tour
Freestyle French Chanpion 2004


Top articles

  • Mondial du Vent Leucate

    07 mai 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    I have just got first during the Speed Pkra steps in Port St Louis and in Leucate. Since I hace also won Namibia earlier this year, and with the discard system, I am already Speed World Champion for the year 2006!!! -) Here I am on the cool run of Leucate,...

  • Kpwt New Caledonia contest

    06 décembre 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    New Caledonia: sunshine, nice temperature, constant and strong wind for my JN Easy Rider 7m, flat water, big reef waves, the ideal for freestyle and waveriding kitesurfing. In this paradise island I won the speed crossing event, finished third in the...

  • Moroccan style: news from the Kpwt Essaouira

    29 juillet 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    I was in Essouira in july for the Kpwt competition, a great spot close from my home in Tarifa. We have got good conditions with wind everyday between 25 and 40 knots, and until 1m50 of waves in Moulay. I was out using my JN Easy Rider kites 7,5m and 5m....

  • Kitesurfing Lessons in Tarifa (Spain) - Stage kitesurf à Tarifa (Espagne)

    27 février 2015

    Je peux vous offrir des stages kitesurf à Tarifa, sur le détroit de Gibraltar, dans le sud de l'Espagne. Mon école de kitesurf est ouverte toute l'année et je peux vous proposer des stages sur mesure, que vous soyez de niveau débutant, intermédiaire ou...

  • Ecole de kitesurf à Tarifa (Espagne) - Kitesurfing school in Tarifa (Spain)

    27 février 2015

    L'objectif de mon école de kitesurf à Tarifa (Espagne) est de faire découvrir ce sport extraordinaire aux novices, et de permettre à ceux qui ont déjà un certain niveau d'améliorer leurs compétences. Je propose à la fois des stages de kitesurf pour débutants...

  • Apprendre le kitesurf à Tarifa avec Aurélia Herpin - Learn to kitesurf in Tarifa with Aurelia Herpin

    27 février 2015

    Apprendre le kitesurf à Tarifa (Espagne) avec Aurélia Herpin Apprendre le kitesurf à Tarifa est en général assez rapide, après seulement quelques jours de cours, les débutants en kitesurf sont en général capables de commencer à naviguer et tirer leurs...

  • Viva el speed: speed world champion title at Fuerte

    07 août 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    Well, that is the last step in Fuerteventura of the Speed Pkra Tour 2006 and that is now official: I am speed world champion 2006!!! After a hard week on the spot of Sotavento, with wind between 25 and 40 knots everyday, I am going to celebrate this title...

  • Guincho Kpwt Wave Master

    13 septembre 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    In Guincho in Portugal we had some awsome conditions...but only the two days just before the event!!! With 2m/2m50 of waves and sideshore wind for 7m kite, we were having a lot of fun in this impressive spot surrounded by massive cliffs. Unfortunately,...


    25 novembre 2007 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    My website as a photographer is now online: http://www.aureliaherpin.net. Check it out !! I have started photography at the end of last year, and yes, i am getting more and more involved in this activity. My speciality is of course kite and windsurf photography,...

  • Learn kitesurfing with me in Tarifa...

    02 juin 2008

    My kiteschool is now open in Tarifa...check it out at www.aureliaherpinkiteschool.com If you would like to learn or to improve your level, well i would be very happy to teach you...Tarifa is also the best spot of Europe for kitesurfing, it is always windy....

  • TV report about me and kitesurfing in Tarifa (Spain)

    26 décembre 2014

    TV report in the evening news of French TV TF1 (at 20H - 8 PM) on the 14th of Abril 2013, about me, Tarifa and my kitesurfing school. Just have a look at the video about Tarifa, the kitesurfing capital in Europe, located at the southern end of Spain,...

  • Past results in competition and profile

    17 janvier 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    Nationality: French Age: 27 Place of training and residence: Tarifa , Spain Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, German. Other sports practiced: windsurf, snowboard, surf, tennis. Category Speed: Ex-Speed World Record Holder with 35,2 knots Speed...

  • Kpwt Italy competition

    02 juillet 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    I was in Como Lake in Italy last month for the Kpwt step, a nice week on this lake surronded by the mountains, and of course, pasta and pizzas at the program. I won the Best Trick in gusty cold winds. Photo: Ludovic Franco

  • Kitesurfing in Tarifa Spain - wind and sunshine

    15 mars 2015

    A picture of a winter kitesurfing session in Tarifa Spain. Wind, sunshine, and warm temperatures for a usual Levante wind day. 18 knots of wind and flat water for that freestyle kiteboarding session.

  • Freestyle in Brazil

    19 janvier 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    Photos: Fabio Arruda

  • Freestyle Video Brazil (Taiba)

    02 février 2006 ( #aurelia-herpin )

    Brasil 2005 short version' Vidéo envoyée par aherpin